Accountability & Responsibility

10 Dec 2022

Accountability means responsibility. Now the question is Accountability is responsibility and Responsibility is Responsibility, then what is the difference between them? 

When people get an appointment letter and whatever mentioned in it about the tasks is called responsibility. People have to do the work as per the tasks mentioned in appointment letter within working hours of the company.

Accountability is more than responsibilities. People will do those tasks, for which they have not given any instruction from the boss or from the company, with a same zeal, energy, and smiling face. People who stays in the company for overtime, people who accepts new challenges over and above their own tasks, people who accept those tasks for which they have lesser or no knowledge are called accountable.

We all must have .....

  • Accountability towards work,
  • Accountability towards nation,
  • Accountability towards society,
  • Accountability towards family,
  • Accountability towards people,
  • Accountability towards own action.

But the most important thing is that how people would be more accountable?

People can become more accountable by generating a feeling of own Ness or we can say feeling of ownership.

People who are service class, they must have a feeling of ownership... It means... this is my company...  these are my people....we all are friends.... the company is my family..... If people have these kind of feelings lead them accountable. Accountable people are not worrying about the output. They believe in efforts and then result. They don't mind whether they have got success or failure...because they are very much positive. The same kind of feeling is required for living a successful family life, social life and fight against evils for the country.

An accountable person will always be responsible for their own actions: whether an action for tasks, challenges, results, failure, and communication.

For becoming an accountable person, people.

  1. Must clear about the tasks
  2. Must-have clear information for performing the duties 
  3. Must be knowledgeable
  4. Always positive thinking
  5. Always self-motivated
  6. Must away from fear to accept new challenges and perform the duties
  7. Must away from conflicts or avoid disputes
  8. Must control their emotions 
  9. Must understand the emotion of others
  10. Will do work with planning and forecasting past and future challenges
  11. Must always focus on solving issues or problems rather than away from them.
  12. Will always believe in themselves.
  13. Must have a feeling of ownership
  14. Must work in a team because team accountability is better than individual accountability.

If we all are, whether professionals, trainers, individuals, managers, employees, businessmen, housewives, become accountable, we all can achieve whatever we want in life. But for that, we all have to take initiative and implement certain things in our life by changing attitudes.